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Article Marketing for Web Site Promotion

Article marketing is one of my favorite forms of web site promotion, because for me it has one of the highest conversion rates of everything I do. I get some of the most targeted web site traffic from article marketing, and that is one of the things I like most about it.

When I first got started in internet marketing, I got involved in all kinds of traffic. Exit traffic, expired domain traffic, traffic exchange traffic, safelist traffic – all of it came with big promises and guarantees – but none delivered. I spent a lot of money there, just thinking that if I had enough traffic, I could win the game. But I could not win the game with raw traffic alone – I needed targeted traffic that wanted to hear from me, and read my articles, web pages, ebooks and information.

Well, I kind of stumbled on article marketing for traffic. You see, I had heard that article marketing was good for getting a high search engine ranking in the big search engines, so I started writing a few articles and posted them to like 100 different article directories. And in a few weeks, I had a number one ranking in several of the search engines for a few keywords. But the real awakening for me was the direct traffic I received when submitted articles to the big three article directories in terms of traffic.

By submitting articles for direct traffic instead of links, I receive targeted traffic that wants to learn more from me.

2010 – Looking Good For Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers

It looks like the rules for determining the best home based business to start in 2009 is going to be the same for 2010. Thanks to dire economic predictions for the coming year, home based internet business opportunities are exploding.If you want to fire your boss, work less and get more time to enjoy life, here are some ideas that work!1. Get rid of brick-and-mortar business ideas and focus on building internet home based businesses. They take less money to start, can be built on a part-time basis while you keep your current job, and are not limited to serving only local customers.2. Choose something that is not MLM! While MLM sounds like a great idea on the surface, your success is tied to the work ethic of other people in your downline. No one cares about your financial freedom more than you do, and you don’t have time to waste motivating people who aren’t willing to work as hard as you are.3. Set a goal to change your life! Write down your internet home goals and then develop a plan to make them happen. If you don’t write them down, they’re not goals; they’re just wishes.4. Focus on home based internet business opportunities that address people’s core needs. When money is tight, luxury item spending goes down, but people are still willing to spend money on products and services they need to maintain a normal lifestyle.5. Don’t go it alone! If you really want to change your life, you need to tap into a system that helps you generate leads and provides the automated tools you need to close the sale. If you truly want to leverage home based business ideas that work, choose one that lets you work less by working smarter!And remember, when you start an internet home based business, you’re not limited by any geographical boundaries. You can start a home based business in Florida and sell to people in California, London or even Australia!

Start Home Based Business – 3 Common Roadblocks Encountered When Starting A Home Based Business

Starting a home based business is something that can be very rewarding for the person who is willing to work long and hard and stick with it, no matter how long it takes to achieve success. Of all the biggest and most successful businesses in the world, both online and offline, none were built overnight. The businesses that make money today, big money, have been through exactly what you’re going through, wondering if things are being done correctly, wondering if they’re in the right niche, and so much more. But for those willing to have faith in themselves and stick through the rough times, success is almost unavoidable.Because the Internet is littered with promises that an online businesses should bring success immediately, most people quit too early because they assume they just don’t have what it takes. This fallacy is an emotional tool used to get people to buy from them, but the real secret is that there are no secrets, there is simply the desire to succeed and the work-ethic to get it done. With all of this said, let’s take a look at three common roadblocks that lead to people quitting their home-based businesses too early and not achieving success:#1 – Not making money overnight
People have two beliefs about a home-based business, one is that they should get rich overnight, and the second is that there is no way to make money online because everything is a scam. Both of these beliefs are extremes, and people should realize that they won’t make money overnight, and they might not make it within a year, but when sticking with their business they will eventually achieve success.#2 – Not knowing how to grow your business
If you don’t have formal business training, you may find it difficult to build your business beyond the starting points. This is why it is essential to dedicate some time every week to learning the theory of both offline and online business, as you need the knowledge in order to grow and achieve real success.#3 – Throwing away money without any results
For an absolute newbie to online business, there is a risk of falling into many traps that will force you to spend unnecessary money and dig yourself a big financial hole. It should be known that when it comes to running an online business, the only reasons why you should spend any money at all are for your website and your autoresponder. These are two tools absolutely necessary for success in your home-based business, anything else above and beyond this can be achieved with hard-work, not throwing away money.